Thursday, February 25, 2010

::I'm With You::

This is so totally unfair. == I mean, I understand where you're coming from. Right now, saying No to him is pretty much the right thing to do what with it being such a crucial time with studies and stuff. But I absolutely loath the way it you put it. =/ He was being sincere and baring his heart and soul for you and only you. The least you could do was decline him with a straight face and avoid the laughing. -__-

Therefore, that has left me totally bummed and in a bitter mood. Hell, I didn't even feel like doing my Maths work. == That may as well have been the sign of Armageddon. Argh, whatever, it's not my problem. Plus, I'm totally helpless. Even if I wanted to do something, I can't do anything. >< I wish I could help you, my dear friend. =/

lying complicates things, but the truth hurts you and i far worse.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

::Parties Galore::

Wow, would ya look at that, I'm invited to another party~ xD Yay-ness~ ^-^ But it's kinda saddening though. == The first time ever I'm literally flooded with invites to parties and it's me busiest study-filled year to date. T_T Someone out there has something huge against me I tell you. *shifty eyes* But still, I'm totally buzzed about the party. =) It's by the pool and it's gonna be a huge bunch of people there from in and out of school too~ =]

Sadly, the theme has left me in a slight pinch. I mean, c'mon, red and Hawaiian? == I'm sure as hell not popping up there in a grass skirt and doing the hula. xP Ah well, I've got loads of time on my hand. May as well brainstorm with me Bubb and decide what to wear. xD But the biggest catch of all is what I had to give up to go for the party. -__- The deal with the Devil, pardon, I mean my Dad, was that I have to do more work in return. Sucks, I know. >_<

But I doubt I'm gonna care much about it later. xP I have a feeling I'm gonna get super high at that party. ^^ Ah well, whatever~ It's totally worth the extra effort anyway. =] Live like you have no regrets, right right right? XD

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them enough not to. But can I trust you with my heart when I can't even begin to trust myself with it?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

::Party Aftermath::

Ohmigosh~ D2's party was awesomely awesome~ ^-^ So many people I knew were gracing us with their presence like a certain jovial pixie and 'Darwin' wannabe. xD My God, kudos to them for the epic music they blasted from the speakers~ Not only did they play Straight Through My Heart, but they also played Sorry Sorry! Talk about going after my heart. xP

Another major plus point would be the food. Gosh, the food was really really good! That was the first time ever I tried steam boat and I loved it to the max~ <3 But I think the experience was a hell lot better since all my friends were around to enjoy it with me. =] Later on, Jixie and Rooban sang I'm Yours with Roobz on the vocals and Jixie as the awesome guitarist. True, it was a tad off-key, but alright nonetheless. ^^

I tried my best not to leave and ended up staying pretty late. ^^ll I don't quite know who else were still hanging around, but Darren, Reg, Bryan and I were out chillax-ing in the hall. Bubb and Darren were trying to play the guitars but Bryan interrupted by playing the Mission Impossible song...that was sang by a freaking rooster. We busted out laughing at that. xD

All in all, it was a totally super fun blast~ =) I got too see Prinietha in a drop-dead-gorgeous blue cheongsam, take loads of random and candid pictures, laugh till my sides ached, enjoyed plenty of guitar music to last a lifetime and sang along till my throat was sore. x] I seriously cant think of a better way to spend a night. =] Anywho, gotta go. >< Dad is making me finish some Maths work before going to bed. ==

it's amazing how easily you hide your feelings behind words.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

::Holiday Mayhem::

Woots~!! D2's party is tommorow~! xD Teehee, I'm so totally pysched for it~ ^^ I can't wait to go and have a blast with all my buddies~ I missed them oh so very very much these past few lonesome days. >> I swear, this is the one and only downside of holidays. T_T

Anywho, I'm currently stressing about something trivial. Again. xD Great Lordy Lord Lord~ I'm totally freaking about my English oral assignment. >< I mean I have to: a) recite it in front of the entire class; b) make it last for at least 5 minutes and c) be considered majorly lucky if I even manage to score 2-3 points. ==

Ain't that just bloody brilliant? Oh, and please note the sarcasm wedged in there... ==ll Damn, I wish someone would just shoot me now. -__- It would make things so much easier. xD

when the world walked out, 
i saw an angel when you walked in and picked me up~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

::Beautiful Sights::

Whooaaaa~ Yesterday yours truly, Fiona and, sadly, my bro too - >< - went together to go and see the Festival of Lights at i-City!! Two words: Wicked Awesome~! It was so utterly, incomprehensibly cool~ I mean, it wasn't as if it was a masterpiece or something, but it had a certain wow factor to it all. ^^ Plus, it was sparkly. Brownie points for that. xDD

Basically, we went walking and exploring around. Pretty hard when it was super crowded. xD Therefore, I couldn't get any decent pics. == Damn those people that kept getting in my way. -___- Plus, we left at 7.45pm and only came home only around 11pm. O.o I think it was partially due to the fact we were sadly and pathetically lost too. ^^lll Ah well, it was still nice and a pretty cool way to spend my day. =]

love is blind for only then can you truly see what lies within.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

::The Beginning::

Erm...well... <.< ... >.> ...should I be saying welcome? xD Meh, I pretty much made this bloggie purely to brag to my buddies cause I have one. ^^ Teehee~ xP Anywho, I'm blur about blogs and super lazy to type, so dont expect updates all too often. x] Byeeeee~ x)