Tuesday, February 16, 2010

::Beautiful Sights::

Whooaaaa~ Yesterday yours truly, Fiona and, sadly, my bro too - >< - went together to go and see the Festival of Lights at i-City!! Two words: Wicked Awesome~! It was so utterly, incomprehensibly cool~ I mean, it wasn't as if it was a masterpiece or something, but it had a certain wow factor to it all. ^^ Plus, it was sparkly. Brownie points for that. xDD

Basically, we went walking and exploring around. Pretty hard when it was super crowded. xD Therefore, I couldn't get any decent pics. == Damn those people that kept getting in my way. -___- Plus, we left at 7.45pm and only came home only around 11pm. O.o I think it was partially due to the fact we were sadly and pathetically lost too. ^^lll Ah well, it was still nice and a pretty cool way to spend my day. =]

love is blind for only then can you truly see what lies within.