Thursday, February 25, 2010

::I'm With You::

This is so totally unfair. == I mean, I understand where you're coming from. Right now, saying No to him is pretty much the right thing to do what with it being such a crucial time with studies and stuff. But I absolutely loath the way it you put it. =/ He was being sincere and baring his heart and soul for you and only you. The least you could do was decline him with a straight face and avoid the laughing. -__-

Therefore, that has left me totally bummed and in a bitter mood. Hell, I didn't even feel like doing my Maths work. == That may as well have been the sign of Armageddon. Argh, whatever, it's not my problem. Plus, I'm totally helpless. Even if I wanted to do something, I can't do anything. >< I wish I could help you, my dear friend. =/

lying complicates things, but the truth hurts you and i far worse.