Saturday, February 20, 2010

::Holiday Mayhem::

Woots~!! D2's party is tommorow~! xD Teehee, I'm so totally pysched for it~ ^^ I can't wait to go and have a blast with all my buddies~ I missed them oh so very very much these past few lonesome days. >> I swear, this is the one and only downside of holidays. T_T

Anywho, I'm currently stressing about something trivial. Again. xD Great Lordy Lord Lord~ I'm totally freaking about my English oral assignment. >< I mean I have to: a) recite it in front of the entire class; b) make it last for at least 5 minutes and c) be considered majorly lucky if I even manage to score 2-3 points. ==

Ain't that just bloody brilliant? Oh, and please note the sarcasm wedged in there... ==ll Damn, I wish someone would just shoot me now. -__- It would make things so much easier. xD

when the world walked out, 
i saw an angel when you walked in and picked me up~