Wednesday, February 24, 2010

::Parties Galore::

Wow, would ya look at that, I'm invited to another party~ xD Yay-ness~ ^-^ But it's kinda saddening though. == The first time ever I'm literally flooded with invites to parties and it's me busiest study-filled year to date. T_T Someone out there has something huge against me I tell you. *shifty eyes* But still, I'm totally buzzed about the party. =) It's by the pool and it's gonna be a huge bunch of people there from in and out of school too~ =]

Sadly, the theme has left me in a slight pinch. I mean, c'mon, red and Hawaiian? == I'm sure as hell not popping up there in a grass skirt and doing the hula. xP Ah well, I've got loads of time on my hand. May as well brainstorm with me Bubb and decide what to wear. xD But the biggest catch of all is what I had to give up to go for the party. -__- The deal with the Devil, pardon, I mean my Dad, was that I have to do more work in return. Sucks, I know. >_<

But I doubt I'm gonna care much about it later. xP I have a feeling I'm gonna get super high at that party. ^^ Ah well, whatever~ It's totally worth the extra effort anyway. =] Live like you have no regrets, right right right? XD

Love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them enough not to. But can I trust you with my heart when I can't even begin to trust myself with it?