Sunday, February 21, 2010

::Party Aftermath::

Ohmigosh~ D2's party was awesomely awesome~ ^-^ So many people I knew were gracing us with their presence like a certain jovial pixie and 'Darwin' wannabe. xD My God, kudos to them for the epic music they blasted from the speakers~ Not only did they play Straight Through My Heart, but they also played Sorry Sorry! Talk about going after my heart. xP

Another major plus point would be the food. Gosh, the food was really really good! That was the first time ever I tried steam boat and I loved it to the max~ <3 But I think the experience was a hell lot better since all my friends were around to enjoy it with me. =] Later on, Jixie and Rooban sang I'm Yours with Roobz on the vocals and Jixie as the awesome guitarist. True, it was a tad off-key, but alright nonetheless. ^^

I tried my best not to leave and ended up staying pretty late. ^^ll I don't quite know who else were still hanging around, but Darren, Reg, Bryan and I were out chillax-ing in the hall. Bubb and Darren were trying to play the guitars but Bryan interrupted by playing the Mission Impossible song...that was sang by a freaking rooster. We busted out laughing at that. xD

All in all, it was a totally super fun blast~ =) I got too see Prinietha in a drop-dead-gorgeous blue cheongsam, take loads of random and candid pictures, laugh till my sides ached, enjoyed plenty of guitar music to last a lifetime and sang along till my throat was sore. x] I seriously cant think of a better way to spend a night. =] Anywho, gotta go. >< Dad is making me finish some Maths work before going to bed. ==

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