Sunday, March 21, 2010

::Super Junior::

Ohmigosh! Ohmigosh! I just came home from SuJu's awesomely awesome, mind blowing, outta this world, ferociously epic concert! =3 Oh gosh, they were the epitome of all that is stellar, cool and holy in this world tonight. xD I felt totally breathless as I watched them sing to tunes I brainwashed myself with and dance perfectly to every beat. Mith and I were screaming our lungs out in ecstasy and bounced excitedly in our seats from the moment they came onto stage till we had to leave. Wow-za!

Yeah, the concert may have started an hour later. Yeah, we had to wait in a long line to enter the stadium since the obsessed fans were already waiting hours before it started. Yeah, we had some trouble with our seats. But for the surreal dream like experience I got after the concert was over, I'd do it all over again. xD God, I don't even know where to start! xP

Okies, how about the first song they sang? =] As my ingenious brain carefully planned out during the long waiting time, my prediction that they would sing U to kick things off came true. ^-^  After that song, it's all a bunch of hazy memories filled with euphoric screaming. xDD But I do vaguely remember some of the songs like Knock Out, Shining Star, Rokoko, Sorry Sorry, Super Girl, Don't Don, It's You, Sorry Sorry Answer and What If. Of course, there's a hell lot more, but my brain turned into mush after that. *^*

Oh yeah, during the intervals where they rested for a bit to gear up for the next song, they had set up some stuff to occupy our time like cutesy plays and such. I cant remember most of them, but one was this video where a few of the SuJu members like Siwon were fighting off thugs in the rain. When they slowed some parts down to emphasize certain scenes, I drooled. x] It was then and there I knew the definition of the word hot. =3

Then, when they were singing Shining Star before the concert ended, my darling Leetuk looked into the audience which were using their flashlights to represent stars and he broke down. With tears in his eyes, he bowed over and over and said Thank You like a broken record. I felt so touched by that. =] God, they are so damn sweet! I'd pay any crazy amount to see them again next year, if they came down. ^-^ Anywho, I better stop now before this becomes the longest rant-filled post ever. xD

when i tell you i love you thousands of times,
even if my heart is on fire and as my lips dry,
if i am born again, it is still only you~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Damn, I'm feeling freakishly bored. >< I've got no manga nor stories to read so the Internet isn't offering me anything to do. Yeah, that's pretty much the end of the world. xD To make things worse, there isn't a person to bug within a two feet distance. == So I thought I'd just type out a poem that's been bugging me since, oh say about three minutes ago. xP Ignore the lameness of it all. It was inspired by a feather after all. xDD


He took my hand,
He helped me up,
He brushed me off,
Like only angels can...

He found my heart,
When nobody could,
And he fixed it up,
Like only angels can...

He saw through me,
And all the walls and lies,
Giving back my smile,
Like only angels can...

He looked me in the eye,
And told me he'll always love me,
Blessing me a happiness,
Like only he can...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

::Breaking Free::

Hallelujah~ Hallelujah~! The exams are over~ If there's ever a reason to rejoice, this would be exactly that. xD Wow, I'm feel so giddy in the head. Must be due to the fact that I'm uber grateful the first term exams are over. =] Since I didn't study much, it was pretty hard. xP But the English paper really threw me off. O.o It wasn't even according to the format. == Damn, for the first time in my fifteen years of life, I might get a B for my English. How utterly saddening. >_<

Anywho, putting the super lame exams aside, I finally get my beloved laptop back into my arms~ Yeah~~ Victory~! xD God, I missed Gin-kun so much~ Plus, I really cant wait to finish up my OHSHC viddie. Des has been waiting for the viddie for a long time now... ^^ll Least now I get to write some stories. Odd how many ideas popped into my head while waiting for the paper to end. xD Typing has never been so much fun. x3

However, most importantly, I get to buy books again~ Gosh, I can finally read my books~ ^^ Wheeeee~ Another super awesome cause to rejoice~ xD Despite being told not to, I was secretly reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. =) The ending didn't leave me cursing and was pretty nice. ^^ Oh, and I also learned a valuable life lesson:  Never read your books during your exams cause it'll be finished faster than you think possible. ==

my heart feels heavy yet light.
the storm has past yet the clouds are dark.
could this all be the calm before the storm?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

::No Air::

Here's a teensy little trivia bit I learnt earlier on but never quite sunk into my brain. Fact Of Life: Exams are the bane of any sane person's existence which life brought upon us to bring about nothing but misery and depression. == Gawd, first term exams are on Wednesday. >_< I'd be lying if I said I was ready for it. I so lack the mood to study these days. -___- Then again, why would I? Everything is so utterly boring. xD

Anyways, on a much brighter note, today is the ra-va-ree model's birthday~! Everyone give a round of applause~ XDD But I still haven't finished her present yet. >> My ever forgetful dear father forgot to leave the laptop behind despite being reminded many times. ^^lll So, that makes my lame plan for her gift...for a lack of better word, screwed. xP

Bleeek~ My life has been filled to the brim with so much post-mortem stress lately. xD Exams which are sure to stress me out, birthdays to plan, my awesome VP and the fact that I've been feeling really irritable lately. == Man~ It would be so lovely if I could just pause everything, take a step back and relax. =] By the way, anyone ever notice that studying is student plus dying? x3

losing you is like living in a world with no air.
so dont steal my heart again when you dont even know i love you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

::Walking On Sunshine::

Oh. My. God. Jixie's party was freaking awesome! ^-^ There were so so many people over (I swear I knew only 15 out of the 60++ that came~ xD) but that made it all the more entertaining. x] At the party, they had a couple of cool games that didn't leave me feeling like a mini and this ice breaking thingy too. It was then did I meet this really awesome guy. =] His name's Abel and he looks like he should be 17 years old even though he's in his twenties. xD I sorely regret not getting his number. v_v

Anywho, after we got sorted into groups, we played this game where we had to pass sweets among our team mates using chopsticks~ xDD That one was superly tricky. xP Especially when the the candy with the highest points is this pinball-shaped one. The thing kept falling off! XD But, all in all, it was great. Me buddies were there and I had a really nice time. =] I can't wait for another one of his parties. ^^ Ooo laa laa, I wonder if Alvin will seek revenge and dunk D2 into the pool next time? Let's pray for it! =3

you may not notice, but your every word keeps me hypnotized.