Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Damn, I'm feeling freakishly bored. >< I've got no manga nor stories to read so the Internet isn't offering me anything to do. Yeah, that's pretty much the end of the world. xD To make things worse, there isn't a person to bug within a two feet distance. == So I thought I'd just type out a poem that's been bugging me since, oh say about three minutes ago. xP Ignore the lameness of it all. It was inspired by a feather after all. xDD


He took my hand,
He helped me up,
He brushed me off,
Like only angels can...

He found my heart,
When nobody could,
And he fixed it up,
Like only angels can...

He saw through me,
And all the walls and lies,
Giving back my smile,
Like only angels can...

He looked me in the eye,
And told me he'll always love me,
Blessing me a happiness,
Like only he can...