Monday, March 1, 2010

::Walking On Sunshine::

Oh. My. God. Jixie's party was freaking awesome! ^-^ There were so so many people over (I swear I knew only 15 out of the 60++ that came~ xD) but that made it all the more entertaining. x] At the party, they had a couple of cool games that didn't leave me feeling like a mini and this ice breaking thingy too. It was then did I meet this really awesome guy. =] His name's Abel and he looks like he should be 17 years old even though he's in his twenties. xD I sorely regret not getting his number. v_v

Anywho, after we got sorted into groups, we played this game where we had to pass sweets among our team mates using chopsticks~ xDD That one was superly tricky. xP Especially when the the candy with the highest points is this pinball-shaped one. The thing kept falling off! XD But, all in all, it was great. Me buddies were there and I had a really nice time. =] I can't wait for another one of his parties. ^^ Ooo laa laa, I wonder if Alvin will seek revenge and dunk D2 into the pool next time? Let's pray for it! =3

you may not notice, but your every word keeps me hypnotized.