Saturday, May 1, 2010

::Boys Over Flowers::

Oooo~ Again, I failed to update for a super long time. T~T Okies, I shall rant my heart out about my newest craze, kay? x] Lately, me buddy Nadhirah keeps gushing over this Korean drama she's been watching called Boys Over Flowers. ^^ Since she seemed so madly in love with it, I decided to borrow it and have a go to see just what exactly all the fuss was about. xD

Even before I was halfway through the series, I clearly understood why all the girls went crazy over it. I'm now a fan girl of it too. *^* My God, even the beginning got me hooked. I mean, I've yet to watch a series where the pauper heroine working in a laundry shop gets sent to deliver a uniform to a student about to jump off a roof and commit suicide. Wonderful first meeting indeed. XD

It was interesting to watch her grudgingly accept a scholarship into a super elite school as requested by the principal to quell the waves of media. Of course, the paparazzi went berserk when the four hottest and richest guys in Korea played a part in the student's almost death~ Especially since the moment Jan Di steps into the school, all hell breaks lose. >:D

The boys in F4 and Jan Di kept me company through many sleepless nights. But of course, my eyes keep straying over to Ji Hoo whenever I see the whole lot of them. Man, he's so sweet, cute, nice, quiet, kind, sleepy, adorable and drool-worthy~ I could go on all day about him~ XD If a guy like that existed in real life, I'd be in heaven alright~

i'm all alone crying just for you,
you know my heart is missing for you,
baby, i love you, i'm waiting for you!