Sunday, August 8, 2010


Gah. I can't remember the last time I touched my blog. .w.  Seriously, my mind can't grasp a single shred of the memory. @u@ I offer thee my humblest apologies me precious beloved bloggie~ T.T I promise I shall try my best to update as often as I possibly can~ Oh damn, I forgot. PMR is slowly inching closer and closer. I wont even have time to come online. T^T

Yeah, though it's a couple of months away and my despicable trials are next week, it still hasn't registered into my brain that my doomsday is closer than ever. >.< Looking around to see my friends studying their butts off isn't fazing me either. .-.  Long story short, I'm such a goner. Gosh, I still haven't touched my books. My Dad will burn me where I stand. .w.

Bah~ I'll just tell my stressing brain to shove it. xD Time to cheer up~ I solemnly swear I shall - attempt to - study the best I can~ That means no giving up after the first thirty seconds and snoozing on my books. -coughs- Then, to kill some so-called stress, I shall sneak off to the Asaban in Taylor's, stalk hot cosplayers, daydream about Adam Lee Tek Jun and get high on my epic songs~ xD

when the clouds clear and the sun is here,
with your hand in mine, i shall give it my all,
and, i promise you, we will touch the impossible sky.