Sunday, August 29, 2010

::Things I'll Never Say::

Gosh darn it, I cant sleep tonight. == Staring at the ceiling doesn't seem to be helping either. >< Amazingly enough, now at 12.38 in the morning, all alone in my quiet little room with the AC blasting, I feel depressed. O.o Such a totally weird state to be in right now. -__- Plus, no Bubb to vent to. Sorry me bloggie, but looks like you gotta suffer my emo-ness again. =P

At times, I truly can't help but wonder. Could it be that we're just avoiding all of it? Running so far away to prevent having to face the bitter truth. Hiding so deep within the shadows so it may never find us. Burying our hearts so far gone until we are oblivious to those hidden feelings. Between you and I, I think these efforts of ours are just wasting our precious time. Moments in time that could have been spent in so many better ways.

Those burning feelings we stifle deep in our hearts, lurking at the corners, begging to be released... I'm always torn between two choices. Should they be brought to light and spoken aloud when the cost is hurting your fragile heart? Or should they be tucked away in silence as we move on in our lives despite it killing me slowly inside? Every time I think of this, a single thought plagues my mind: Which would be better? To be hurt or to hurt...?

tears are the words in your heart that could never be spoken,
so i'm glad to stand under the pouring rain,
for none can see the caged words leave my heart silently.


Reg. said...

oh em gee, emoness nouu~ you're not allowed to emo without me!

wads this about anyway huh? =/

Shiva said...

LOL~ I have no idea~ xD Well, actually I do, but I'd rather not tell. =P