Monday, November 29, 2010

::I'm Back~::

I'm actually afraid to calculate how long I've been gone. .w. Ooo laa laa~ Many things happened these past few months~ Of course, some I'd gladly share, but the others..meh, it's a secret for now. x) It was humiliating enough to share with my Bubb which is weird since I tell her pretty much everything under the sun. xP I never want to go through that process again. >< And I thought the hardest thing was admitting who I had a crush on. Ugh. Junk. ==

Anywho, moving on to less awkward stuff~ xP Due to enduring Banana Split ramble about it at any free moment, I eventually picked up You're Beautiful and watched it. Oh. Em. Gee. It was so so so cool~ Ohmigosh, Jeremy! He's so damn freaking cute and naive and funny and all out adorable! xD I love that cutesy blondie with all my heart~ I swear he can do no wrong in my eyes. =] Sadly, I still think Boys Over Flowers is waaaay better than this drama though. Shush~ Don't tell Banana Split. XD

Anyways~ Looks like I left my story hanging once again. >w> Lawl, I'm sure Bubb knows how often that's happened before. x3 Okies then, time to update~ xD Toodles~

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