Friday, January 21, 2011


Ha, I think I'm developing a habit of updating just minutes before tuition. xD Anywho~ Thank the Lord today is a Friday~ x] I should be saying that since now I actually have time for homework. >> But nah~ I'm saying it purely cause now I have time to laze about and think about doing the pile of homework. xP

Booyah~ Chinese New Year hols are coming up~ =3 Oh, and I heard something interesting. Apparently, they're gonna reshuffle the entire Form 4 and it'll be effective right after the hols. Wonder if I'll be bunked up with my friends? Yes? No? Fingers crossed~ >w<

Bleeek~ Today has been a bit...lonely I suppose. .-. I mean, what with the ra-va-ree model refusing to talk to me, my VP poofed during recess (probably for orch stuff) and my star MIA today~ I don't mind really. Recess was bearable and I finally got to read Thirst at home. =P Sides, Loki kept me company. ...that guy, I'm seriously wondering if we should keep hanging out. == For his sake and mine.

-sighs- My life has now gotten more bothersome. How utterly irritating. -o- Argh, I better go~ It's either the van popping outta nowhere and honking the tranquil silence apart or my brother barging in to scramble and get ready for tuition. To be honest, I have no idea which is more annoying. -.-

all we're doing is building more walls, now there's too many barriers.