Monday, January 10, 2011

::Being Free::

 Whooaaa~ I can't believe I finally told them. xD Took me three months to do it too. How lame is that, eh? :3 Anyway~ It feels great to get that off my chest~ But, it kinda creeps me out how  I feel things are gonna end soon. >> Then again, it's not like I didn't expect it. x] Call it me being a pessimist~ But I have that sinking feeling in my gut when I know I'm screwed. Like when having to hand in homework. >~<

Moving on~ School was incredibly awesome today. Probably since I sat next to Meredith today. =P While I realize this is selfish, I wish I was always sitting with her. School doesn't seem like such a lousy drag when there's someone to laugh with. =] Still, it's sooo odd. I'm surrounded by people, some near and some far, yet I feel so lonely. Is this those life problems people talk about? Frankly, I'd rather a mid life crisis when I get older. x3

Anyways, I'm gonna go and drown this stupid and absolutely absurd loneliness in something more...productive. Bwahahahaha~ Here I come cookies and SuJu~ Be afraid. Be very afraid. >:3

make a wish. take a chance. make a change. and breakaway~