Wednesday, January 26, 2011

::Kiss The Rain::

 Ah, well, I'm bored and feeling pretty emo so just ignore my ramblings, yeah? =] I need a place to vent and, oh, would you look at that? My blog is the victim~ >:D Tee-hee. xD

Sometimes, when I'm with you, I truly you see me for me? Have you ever did? Or have I merely been someone who seems like bits and pieces of people you knew? When I look at myself in the mirror, sadness tinges my eyes as tears pool. Is there anything, even a a tiny single shred, of myself that rests in your heart? Something I can truly call my own?

A part of me that kindles memories only I can create. A part that is special and unique and different than anything else. A part of me that leaves me assured that once I leave, I know I'd have made an impression on your heart. Not just mere footprints imprinted on the sand that disappears with the waves and forgotten in time...

Sometimes, I wish I would just fall off the face of Earth. Or build up walls so high that no one can see past; so that the world remains oblivious to the me that is slowly crumbling, the one who sheds tears, the one who gets hurt easily by things you say. Many many times, I've bit my tongue and stopped myself from yelling out what I feel and how you make me feel.

I'm the person I am, not someone you want me to be. I can never be the person you want me to mold after. I want you to stop comparing others to me and finally see myself for me. Appreciate who I am as a person instead of pointing out all my flaws that I try hard to overcome. For once in my life, wont you just see me for me...?


although your heart is mine, it's hollow inside.
i never had your love, and i never will.