Friday, January 14, 2011

::Like A Prayer::

Oh. My. God! xD I officially love Aspirasi a lot more now. x] Since I spent most of last year in that room with Evan, Adrian and Reg, I took my songs and stories along to kill time when we weren't doing any work. Hallelujah~ Waiting For Dawn was on it too~~ Bwahahaha~ Now I can continue it~ That is, if I feel the urge to continue it. Right now, where I stopped is way way waaay behind from the part on my lappy. T.T

Bah~ Whatever~ =3 Anywho, I'm so glad today is Friday. xD School has been getting better, I guess, but I still have no urge to wake in the mornings. -.- But I think that's partially cause of the awesome dreams I've been having~ Ah well~ As long as my days aren't utterly horrid, I'll live. =D On the brighter side, tomorrow's a weekend~ Finally~ Sleep. x] Which will be cut down from a massive load of homework. I swear, the teachers have some vendetta against us that involves killing our brains. ==

It's raining every day now which is totally epic. ♥ Except me getting cold in school, nothing beats a rainy day~ ^-^ Well, except for L, but he's the exception for pretty much everything. x3 Bah~ Looks like I gotta go. It's totally saddening, but tuition awaits me. Ah well, I can always just type. I get my best ideas on the trip over. xP Toodles~ =]

it's like a dream, no end and no beginning~
you're here with me, it's like a dream~