Tuesday, January 11, 2011

::My Love::


YAY~ I'm happy and hyper~ xD Which should be insane since Maths and History tuition await my awesomely presence. Great. -.-  Anywho~ I really have no idea why I'm updating when I have absolutely nothing to say. Ah well, most of my spams are nonsensical and filled with utter gibberish anyway~ And yet, you like them? So so weird~ xP

Ah~ School has turned out to be pretty okay these past few days. Guess it just took a little getting used to. ^^ Plus, my lessons are waaaay more interesting. But, as usual, there are times when I've almost thwacked my head on the table thanks to being  drowsy and when my mind has wandered off to someplace far far away in the starry sky. =3 Sadly, I always end up getting dragged back to plain old planet Earth. Ewwie~ >w<

Ugh, anywho~ I gotta go. It's like 5 minutes and counting till my awesome limousine *coughcoughcrappyvancoughcough* arrives so~ I better jet. x3 Toodles~~ ^^

you're nothing short of my everything~