Monday, February 28, 2011


Boo. xD Ugh, looks like I keep poofing away from you. xP Even though I totally neglect my homework, I cant seem to find the time to even update these days. == Anywho~ I'm kinda in a mess right now. >> Well, for one thing, my exams are next week. == I'm so totally fumbling for this one. Ah well, least I finally get to say I flunked my papers besides Art. x]

Anywho, next up is a hell lot trickier to solve. It's pretty irritating to be honest. Most of the times, I have zero doubts about the path I'm on. But at times, when I catch a glimpse of something else, I waver as much as it pains me to say it. =/ Bah~ This is why I never wanted to get involved with this kinda rubbish before. Drama galore ensues every single time. xD

Oh, would you look at that, I actually have something happy-ing to worry about. =3 The ra-va-ree model's birthday is coming up soon. Since it's on the eve of the exams which is uber lame, looks like it's gonna happen only during the school holidays. Here's the thing though. It's her 16th birthday. It's gotta be special and whooaaa and amazing and fantabulous. xDD

To try and calm my frazzled mind, I shall now go and brainwash myself with Lucky and hopefully figure out a better way to relieve my sudden waves of stress and useless thoughts. x) Toodles~ ^^

as the world keeps spinning me 'round, you hold me right here~

Friday, February 18, 2011

::Hot and Cold::

Once again, I've done an absolutely epic job at totally neglecting you. My bad~ ^^;; Ugh, I've been feeling sick lately. It's getting on my nerves. == I wish there was ice cream that could cure all kinds of sickness. xD At least then I'd gladly take my medicine. xP Ah well, the world ain't perfect so it may take some time till they invent man's greatest dairy product invention. xDD

Let's see~ What have I got to spill eh? x] Oh, how bout my life in 4S4? =) Weeelll~ I'd be lying my butt off if I said it's awesome. I really, truly, madly miss my friends. Somehow, this class doesn't seem like...the right fit. >> I dunno~ It could just be me and my weird-ness. =P I'm coping, I'm surviving, but I'm definitely not as happy as before. Meh, life sucks. x3

Ah~ Today felt great~ I told Bubb all about my weirdo dilemmas. It feels good to have someone ask you all the right questions. ^^ But I'm still stuck in this twisted situation. == I'm super afraid I'll make a decision I'd regret later on... >< It  would be heavenly if someone with all the answers I need poofed over and told me what I should do. -__- Life would be a lot less complicated. xP Then again, life wouldn't be life if it didn't suck. xD Guess I'm asking for a tad bit too much, eh? =]

you're yes then you're no~ you're up then you're down~

Saturday, February 5, 2011

::Time After Time::


Ello~ XD Ugh, I've been feeling so lazy lately that I've been neglecting me bloggie. ^^lll Sowie~ x] Anywho, I've got some stoof to share. =P First up is the new apple of my eye, Maya-chan~ Aah~ I love this new pup of mine. xP Yeah, she's one hell of a handful and is way too hyper for her own good, but her cuteness is so hard to resist. x] I'm turning into a softy. =3

Anywho~ Ah damn, the hols are slowly coming to an end. >< Man, I really don't wanna go back to school on Monday. I just wanna stay at home and sleep the days away. T^T Plus, I'm a tad bit nervous. Now that I know I'm gonna be in 4S4, I wonder what will happen...? Oh but I swear to God, if I'm class monitor again, I will kill myself. == It's also total proof that I'm cursed to do the dumbest things. -o-

Ooo~ Guess what? xD The other day, my beloved Mom saw this apparently gorgeous cheongsam when she went out. xP I think, if I do decide to attend D2's party, I'm so totally gonna get one. x] Anyways, sides that, I'm starting to get addicted to Time After Time. =) I found the music box version of it (which, by the way, is epicly epic) and I'm so using it for my message tone. ^^ Teehee, toodles~ xD 

if you're lost, you can look, and you will find me~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ugh, damn it, I'm in a funk. == I dunno, I feel...drained, kinda. Yeah, I'm still my random self, but there's this itch to just get up, crawl off into some dark corner and brood there for the rest of my life. -.-It feels like all my emotions are facing huge dilemmas and are now in a warped World War III. I think this is the part where a concerned friend puts a hand on my shoulder and says: "Dear, I love you, but I think you need therapy"

Ah, I think I might have figured out the cause for my weirdness. I may be feeling a tidal wave of the total crubley feeling that is loneliness. .w. I didn't get to see my star all day. Well, normally I hate the idea of the same old everyday routine and would jump at any chance to break it. x3 But, just this once, I'd rather not break this particular one. I guess...I miss you. A lot. >> [Bubb, I swear I will murder you if you bring this up in school. ==]

Moving on from my murderous intentions~ x] I'm going out with FiFi and the ra-va-ree model tomorrow. =) YAY~ I finally get to leave the house and hang out with buddies~ I'm sure that this totally lame feeling will poof by tomorrow. And if it doesn't, well, I'm gonna need lots of ice cream. =3 Toodles~ xD

"we" disappeared into the summer wind and we cant go back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

::Sorairo Days::

Booyah! Holidays~ Sleep~ Relaxation~ More sleep~ xP Aah~ This is exactly what the hols are for. Time to kick back, finally finish reading all my books, go out for movies and ice cream and glare at unfinished homework. =3 Ya know, as much as I dearly love the rain, it's starting to be a pain when I wake up freezing each morning. == Plus, I've been cooped up all the time. I don't even get to see any possible rainbows. xD Sadness~ =P

Anywho~ I've got loads to babble about. Actually, not really, but let's just pretend I do. x] First up on my list would be this big fight the douche and I had. == I won't bother explaining since I'm clearly aware it sounds ridiculously petty from an outsider's point of view. .-. Ah, but let's just say I got seriously pissed off and am now not talking to him. I wonder how much longer I'll last. >>

Next update~ D2 invited me over to their CNY bash. x] Bwahahaha~ I can't wait. I hope it'll be as fun as last year~ =] Ugh, it just occurred to me that this might be the last one they'll have. After this, everyone is gonna graduate and be whisked off to colleges and stuff~ .___. Man, growing up really tanks at times. >_< Peter Pan is so damn lucky. xP Now, to figure out what to wear. -o-

Valentine's Day. .w. Oh, how I've loathed this day. I know some will squeal and are itching to declare their undying love for some dude but I honestly can't fathom the need for such a holiday. -___- Even with my precious star, I still don't feel the buzz. Maybe I'm weird? Scratch that, I'm definitely weird. x] Eh, but I've never been in this position before. I wonder if I should make something. >w> Ah well~

Mm, that's all I can think of for now. Ugh, brain so totally not functioning right these days. xDD Let's pray that it's due to a lack of sugar and not something lame like a lack of veggies. -o- Toodles~ x]

words you gave me that day, even now, definitely reach my heart~