Friday, February 18, 2011

::Hot and Cold::

Once again, I've done an absolutely epic job at totally neglecting you. My bad~ ^^;; Ugh, I've been feeling sick lately. It's getting on my nerves. == I wish there was ice cream that could cure all kinds of sickness. xD At least then I'd gladly take my medicine. xP Ah well, the world ain't perfect so it may take some time till they invent man's greatest dairy product invention. xDD

Let's see~ What have I got to spill eh? x] Oh, how bout my life in 4S4? =) Weeelll~ I'd be lying my butt off if I said it's awesome. I really, truly, madly miss my friends. Somehow, this class doesn't seem like...the right fit. >> I dunno~ It could just be me and my weird-ness. =P I'm coping, I'm surviving, but I'm definitely not as happy as before. Meh, life sucks. x3

Ah~ Today felt great~ I told Bubb all about my weirdo dilemmas. It feels good to have someone ask you all the right questions. ^^ But I'm still stuck in this twisted situation. == I'm super afraid I'll make a decision I'd regret later on... >< It  would be heavenly if someone with all the answers I need poofed over and told me what I should do. -__- Life would be a lot less complicated. xP Then again, life wouldn't be life if it didn't suck. xD Guess I'm asking for a tad bit too much, eh? =]

you're yes then you're no~ you're up then you're down~