Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ugh, damn it, I'm in a funk. == I dunno, I feel...drained, kinda. Yeah, I'm still my random self, but there's this itch to just get up, crawl off into some dark corner and brood there for the rest of my life. -.-It feels like all my emotions are facing huge dilemmas and are now in a warped World War III. I think this is the part where a concerned friend puts a hand on my shoulder and says: "Dear, I love you, but I think you need therapy"

Ah, I think I might have figured out the cause for my weirdness. I may be feeling a tidal wave of the total crubley feeling that is loneliness. .w. I didn't get to see my star all day. Well, normally I hate the idea of the same old everyday routine and would jump at any chance to break it. x3 But, just this once, I'd rather not break this particular one. I guess...I miss you. A lot. >> [Bubb, I swear I will murder you if you bring this up in school. ==]

Moving on from my murderous intentions~ x] I'm going out with FiFi and the ra-va-ree model tomorrow. =) YAY~ I finally get to leave the house and hang out with buddies~ I'm sure that this totally lame feeling will poof by tomorrow. And if it doesn't, well, I'm gonna need lots of ice cream. =3 Toodles~ xD

"we" disappeared into the summer wind and we cant go back.