Tuesday, March 15, 2011

::Take My Hand::

Woots~ The holidays are finally here~ XD True, it's only a week off, but something is better than nothing any day. ^^ I've been spending the past few days just listening to music, kinda reading me bookie, kicking back and bumming on the couch plus finally getting to writing Waiting For Dawn. x] Oh yeah, I've also been having strange dreams. x) I can't remember the ones I had before, but I made extra sure I remembered the one from last night. =]

I think the dream was caused by Loki and I who were talking about old England and ballrooms with warm lights and Victorian style dresses. xP We conjured up the image of a couple waltzing under the chandelier, soft hum of music playing as everyone else fades into background. That's pretty much the exact same scene in my dream except for a few changes here and there.

For one, Adam replaced the blondie gentlemen in the image. XDD Thankfully, I wasn't in one of those fancy smancy poofy dresses~ ^-^ But the dress was utterly lovely anyway. =) Plus, instead of having center stage in the ballroom, we were outside, in a rose garden, I think, where Adam was trying to teach me to dance and failing miserably. =3 It was super awesome and I was super hyper when I woke up. =P I'm gonna go and write it out just in case I forget. Toodles~ x)

take my hand. take a step. pull me close. and take one breath~