Sunday, March 27, 2011


And I'm alive once more~ xD  While I might not be as busy as some, I've still got stuff to sort out. x) Hence my sudden poof. =P Plus, my exams were a week or two ago. To be honest, I'm super proud I didn't fail anything. ^^ I barely studied and yet got pretty good results. =] It was a happy day indeed~ Well, at least until I got home. But that's a tale for another day. =) For now, I shall rant about happy stuff alone. x]

Yesterday, we celebrated the ra-va-ree model's birthday! ^^ Yeah, it was a super small occasion, what with it being just me, Reg, Losh and Fiona. But still! I have to admit that it was pretty nice with our teensy little group. =D Course, a few things went wrong like the unlit cake and the fact that I kept spilling things on my jeans. ^^lll But the best part had to be when we raided Forever 21. xP That was the first time I ever tried clothes on and waltzed out without buying anything. Fun fun fun! <3

I shall confide in thee a tiny secret though. While that escapade to Forever 21 may have been the highlight for the trio of us, mine was when I got back home. =3 For the first time in my life, I actually called my one and only! x) Yeah, it was pretty awkward but I squealed like a fan girl later. ^-^ It made the ohmyfrgginlord! spaz moment seem ridiculous now. But now I feel closer to you than ever. =] It's both super awesome yet unnerving. Love is weird.

how many people can do it like me? ZERO! xD