Sunday, April 3, 2011

::Wedding Dress::

It's so lovely to have a weekend where most of my work is actually completed and I have time to bum around. XD Now, if only the weather would take a break and start pouring. Then it'll be nice and cold and perfect for teensy little cat naps~ ^^ Anyway, there's something I need to confess to thee o' mighty bloggie. Prepare for my weird-ness~ x)

We're friends, though not as close as we proclaim to be. xP I'm there for you when times get rough, and you're there for me when I need someone to distract me. It irritates me how easily the right words find you and you make me feel okay again but I flounder and struggle to figure out just what to say to you. >< Like now, for instance. When you need those words to make everything seem just that little bit brighter, I'm sure I've failed you miserably. =/

Yeah, this isn't exactly the kind of situation I'm familiar with. I may have read it in books, seen it happen to others, but I cant console you properly when I've never been through the same thing. Saying "I know how you feel" would be a horrid lie. Your heart is broken and there's not a single thing I can do to make things alright again. I wish I could just cast a spell that will take all your pain away.

i guess it's too late, i'm dancing this dance alone.
this chapter is done, the story goes on.