Sunday, April 17, 2011

::A Walk To Remember::

Yup, it's true, one of the awesome-est person alive is now sixteen! Everyone, please give a standing ovation to the beautifulest person, both inside and out: Regina~! =] Gawd Bubb, how quick time flies. I thought this day would come eons later. xD Yush, I know I'm a horrible liar when it comes to keeping stuff from you, but I can't help it. I tell you far too much. x]

Anywho, the day went pretty cool I think. =D Of course, the lack of people plus the fact we only barely raided one shop was a bit depressing, but I think the venue I picked out for you was kinda awesome~ x) And I know that he-who-has-a-name-like-Swordfish being there meant a lot to you. I'd love to have given you more time, but your Mum would have killed me. xD

You know, I only realized after taking my camera out when I got home that we didn't take any pictures. T^T Another birthday that will be swept up and mixed with the next good memories to come. But I'm not too bummed about it though. Yesterday was awesome, you had a fabulous time and, in the end, that's all that matters. =] Gosh I love you Bubb~ Thanks for sticking by me all this time.

Happy Sweet Sixteen!

i'll keep our memories locked in a jar.
they may be forgotten in time,
but they live on in my heart anyway.