Saturday, May 21, 2011

::I've Got A Jar of Dirt::

Yush~ I have returned to thee o' wondrous bloggie~ *proceeds to glomp bloggie until both turn blue* Anywho~ I'm supposed to be studying my butt off for Physics and Chem, but I'm hardly in the mood. >< This is so gonna cause a panic attack in the morning. xD Ah well, I'll deal with that when I get there. To be honest, I have no idea why I'm here. ^^ I have absolutely nothing to babble about. xP

Since I can't get the image of Jack Sparrow out of me head, I shall rant to thee, o' mighty bloggie, about him. ^-^ If I could be anyone for a day, I'd pick him without a second thought. XD It would be so cool if I had that weirdo swagger and illogical logic of his~ =] Well, I already have the illogical logic bit. I guess I just need to get some rum for that funny swagger of his, eh? x)

Plus, I'd also have a reason to scream "I've got a jar of dirt!" without sounding like a total lunatic. =D I mean, if there was this Captain-Octopus-Thingy after me with his heart locked up in some rusty old chest, I reckon I totally get to say it. =3 Most importantly, I get a huge ship and boss people around cause I'm the captain! =O So I'd be sixteen, own a humongous ship, be a captain of a crew of pirates, plunder the seven seas and have a jar of dirt.

I. Have. SO. Lived. XD

Monday, May 2, 2011

::Letters to Juliet::

Bloggie! -glomps- I've missed you so~ T^T Blah, with my Dad confiscating Gin-kun again, I honestly don't know when I'll update again. >< It's so saddening to not have a place to rant anymore. =O So I shall rant to you as much as possible about what's being going on lately. ;) Prepare for all the drama~! xD

First off, I'll blab to you about Shoelace. ^^ Who cares about that secrecy promise? x) So bloggie, I was just bumming around, waiting for Fluffy to poof up when BOOM! I got a message from the dark side~ xD I read it three times. Once, to properly grasp the message. Twice, to let the weirdo words sink in as annoyance flitted. Thrice, to control myself after laughing my butt off. =3 It's amusing to see just how much I've grown and how you've done the opposite. xD

Anywho, moving on~ Next up is about Moldiebutt and Keychain~ ^^ Gawd, they resemble those lousy, cliche novels I used to read purely because: a) I was flat out broke to buy a decent one or b) I was curious to see the end of the train wreck. A pretty big part of me is hoping things don't work out cause dude, you are totally awesome while she is anything but that. == Plus, the two of you together is just creepy. O_o

And now I present to thee, o' epic blog, the worst part yet. It all summarizes up to one distasteful word I wish would die and never return again: Exams. -.- It wouldn't be an understatement to say that you, oh loathsome exams, are the bane of my existence. I'd perish you, but my Rule The World With Cookies plan still hasn't panned out yet. Just you wait. Someday, you will be banished from this world and children all over will rejoice~><

To counter all the bad gibberish, I've got something sweet. =] Since Gin-kun is poofing, I was depressed when I realized I'd be gone for twenty eight days. That's almost a month without you! T_T So, I was on cloud nine when I sneaked on to look for you. Yeah, you weren't there, but you left a note for me instead. It said you'd write one for each day I poofed cause you wanted to do something to cheer me up. I know I've said this a billion times before but I'll say it again: You're so freaking awesome! ^-^

There's three in total now and I cant wait for the rest~ Each one is so adorable and it brightens up my day lickity split. xD Plus, I can't believe you bothered to do something like this either. Yeah yeah, I remember you said this was a journal thingy so you'll be emotional and cute and junk even though you really really don't want to. xP I can't thank you enough for them though. x] To show my gratitude, I shall equate your awesome-ness to fluffy-ness and use the best fluffy line ever: It's so fluffy I could die! =D

you're my kind of perfect in every single way~