Wednesday, June 15, 2011

::Rolling In The Deep::

I humbly apologise to thee, o' awesome bloggie, for ditching you yet again. v_v I wanted to update during the hols, but me and my lazy ass kept stalling. -o- Now the hols have dwindled away and I'm back in school. Man, this sucks super bad~ T^T Anywho, I shall update you on everything I've done, or rather, lack of, things I did during those past two weeks un~ Nothing much really, but it'll do. =3

Weelll~ I got dragged out to the movies by me Mom to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. Now she won't stop rambling about inner peace. == Ah, I also saw the epicly epic Pirates of The Caribbean~ Gawd, it was so good to see Jack Sparrow on the big screen. xD I missed him and his weirdo antics~ Sadly, I have yet to see X-Men, but I'm gonna fix that ASAP. ^^ Next up is the hawt Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. I don't think it'll be too great, but Ryan being in it makes it awesome already. x]

Now that Jack is out of the way, it's time for the irrelevant stuff~ XD For one, I didn't lay a finger on the book D2 gave me. I think I'm starting to lose my sanity if my desire to read books is waning like this. .__. On the other hand, me Mom bought an oven! Finally! =D To test run it, we bought some ingredients and whipped up some cookies. x3 I admit, for a total noobie to bake for the first time, they turned out pretty okay. ^-^ I cant wait to see how it'll taste like when I get good at it~ x)

Oh yeah, I joined another MEP too. =] It's starting to get on my nerves though. >> Vegas kept giving me issues and I had to redo the same thing three times. -.- Masking is a total pain, especially after doing the same clips again and again. Adding to my bad mood, I got a few results back. I did as horribly as I pictured but at least I can now proudly declare I have failed a paper. =3 Hey, that's just life, ain't it? ^w^ Ah well, I guess I better prepare for the consequences. Pray for me bloggie. >.<

there's a fire starting in my heart,
reaching a fever pitch,
and it's bringing me out of the dark~