Sunday, July 3, 2011


Gosh, my feet hurt a lot. =O It didn't bother me much earlier but now it's starting to really shine through. -o- Ah well, I did go for that run thing and the trip over to Giant just made it worse, honestly. xD Today was also the English Society Camp and there were loads of highs and lows. The shoddy planning and abrupt changes in plans really got on my nerves today. == Yet somehow, through it all, I managed to squeeze in some laughs and fun too~ Plus, I went totally hyper so that helped. x)

Sadly, a devastating thing happened today. Zachary went poof damn it! T^T My darling that's been with me for three and a half years. Loyally putting up with all the falls and glomps in classes. Sticking around when times were rough and depressing. How could I have lost you? I'm the worst person in the world! >.< I think I might just start crying now that I've lost my precious water bottle. It may seem silly to most, but he's been there more times than I'd like to count. R.I.P. beloved Zachary. =/

On a brighter note, today is Judith Mary Meredith Mohan Sheela George's birthday! =D Woots~ This lovely lady was born today sixteen years ago. It should be a national holiday or something! x3 Sadly, I didn't get to spend the epic day with her. She's pretty much like a celebrity now; to meet her, you need to make an appointment with the lady months in advance. =P Shove some stuff off your busy weekends and hang out with us! We miss you a lot and it's more fun with your awesomeness around. ^-^ You better have a fantabulous day today or else bunnehs will haunt your dreams. XDD

Judith Mary Meredith Mohan Sheela George! I LOVE YOU~!! =]

let's pretend the cupcakes are cakes & eat them at our staircase~