Tuesday, August 16, 2011

::Cross My Heart::

I wonder why is it that I always update whenever exams are near? It's like I'm doing everything I can to stall from studying. XD But firstly, I must say I'm so so so sorry bloggie! TwT Since my last results didn't sit well with me Dad, he took Gin-kun away! >< True, I could have updated during my one hour slot. >> But between spamming and dozing off, I didn't bother. I'm such a mean person. T_T Then again, life has been pretty quiet so I had nothing to say anyway. x)

Well, we celebrated me Dad's 50th birthday over the weekend. :) It wasn't as grand as I thought it would be, but it was great nonetheless. The highlight definitely was the look on his face when a hundred family and friends yelled Suprise! He looked stunned. xP He had a fantabulous time and must have enjoyed all the sugary words everyone said about him. x] I got to meet a buddy I missed dearly so I didn't die of boredom. I mean, c'mon, I was surrounded by oldies the entire night. =P

Well, since I can't think of more happy stuff, time for my dilemmas~ Wheee~ xD First up, I just realized how quick time is. There's only a little bit left of the year now. I shudder to think of my final year. Despite having a plan, it's still kinda scary to think about the future. .__. Plus, all me morning buddies are seniors. Next year, my mornings are gonna be super quiet with all of them gone. T^T I wonder if that's payback for wanting more alone time? ^^lll Oh well, I have zero intentions on finding out. xP

Now for my most important problem: a prezzie. =O How the heck am I gonna go about this? == The lack of ideas is driving me crazy. I'm so nervous I'm gonna mess it up bad; or worse, the prezzie is hated. ._. Of course you won't say it to my face, but there's always a chance you won't like it. Plus, I suck at doing fancy smancy effects but I have to. This is really special. >.< I have no idea what else I can do. T_T Then, once it's done, I'm sure I'm gonna second guess giving it to you. Gosh, I'm such a wreck. -o-

and I do want to show you,
I will run to you for you,
'til I can't stand on my own anymore~