Monday, February 20, 2012

::Rumor Has It::

Rawr, I hate Monday mornings. == Especially when all my awesome dreams seem to happen on this day. T^T Times when I pity the alarm clock I hate. It gets hated when it does wakes me up. It gets hated when it doesn't wake me up. XD I'm certain it's probably talking to some toaster shrink about it's messed up life~ Oh butterscotch, I think I'm high. -.- And what kinda curse is that? xP

Anywho, I'm feeling a little bummed thanks to the dreams. >w< The first dream was about me actually waking up, convincing my Dad to let me skip and went about doing awesomely awesome stuff for a day. ._. I knew it was too good to be true. No way in hell would my Dad be conned that fast. xD The second one was, well, weird to the point where I won't explain. @@ But that's probably cause I can't remember it anymore~ I wish I did. x]

Moving on, I finally have a free weekend. =D Yeah babeh~ I nearly busted out my victory dance when tuition got cancelled. x3 Course, I don't think it'll mean much anyway. Homework is still a pile of junk the size of Mt. Everest. -o- My constant procrastination ain't helping either~ ^^ Then again, when have I ever cared? A little bit of trouble is always welcomed~ Sadly, the teachers are stricter now than before. >.> Challenge Accepted. =3

OhcrapIhaven'tfinishedmyhomeworkyetsoLATER. TT^TT

sure, she's got it all~
but, baby, is that really what you want?~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

::What Makes You Beautiful::

I officially think I've lost the urge to write these days. ._. Maybe I'm just going through a prolonged writer's block? Or maybe I'm becoming a boring person that hates dinosaurs and thinks fudge is terribly drab? >w> No way. xD Dinosaurs kick ass and my munchies addiction will never fade~ Whether that's good or not, I'll tell you later. x] I should fret over meaningless junk like this. Life will be way easier. =P [OkayyeahI'mjustcrappingtopostsomething~]

Anyway, time for a healthy dose of ramblings~ Yay? =D I'm starting to feel the normal routine is getting a little boring. Never did I think I'd get bored this fast. This was supposed to be the exception. >.> Perhaps this is just a fleeting moment. Perhaps I'm just whinging in the middle of the night. xD I'm thinking too much. Or too little. Argh, I wanna worry about my dwindling attention to Chazzy. Not this ridiculous notion. -o- I'm making a vow. I shall not, will not and never will think about this. Unless Bubb brings it up and I feel like talking instead of distracting. ^^

Moving on, I'm proud/aghast to inform you that: I. Officially. Have. Make. Up. =O Yesh, I bought some a while back. Yesh, it burnt a hole in my pocket. Yesh, my brother stared at me like I'm an alien. Yesh, even I thought I was an alien too. Yesh, feel free to gag. XD Well, I only got it since I promised myself I would someday. *high fives seven year old me* Time to experiment like crazeh. >=D Regardless, I still stick to my opinion of pretteh girls being natural and make up free~

Alrighty, I'm off to attempt sleep and find a new Photoshop project if sleep fails. x] God damn it, I really need to get a life outside my lappy or re-discover my undying urge to read books again. >w< With my laziness and two missing leprechauns to lend me awesome books, both possibilities look pretty bleak. .__. Oh well, more time to bum around and sleep in. =D

I love being a hypocrite.
I hate being a hypocrite.
I love Chester Bennington. ^-^

if only you saw what I can see,
you'll understand why I want you so desperately~

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Dear Lord, it's been over a month since my last post. But now, the I Had Time excuse is dead. Like seriously dead. =~= Everyday is filled with either tuition, studying with Losh on weekends, irritating Danny, unfinished school homework and Fwuffay time. I seriously don't know how I'm gonna manage later. Rather, I don't even wanna think about it. TwT If I'm completely honest, I want a teensy break. Nothing big. Just two days to sleep like I need to. Regardless, with all said and done, I don't regret a thing. I need all this knowing how utterly lazy I really am. xD

Anywho, that's how life has been. Basically an endless juggle where I still manage to procrastinate in the middle. Dayum, I'm awesome. x] All these things keep me away from thinking. That, is totally wicked to me. I hate thinking. Whenever I ponder about things during insomniac nights, insecurities kick in and I wind up doubting everything I believed. I mean everything. Confidence isn't the issue though. I guess I'm just nervous or something. A bunch of jittery nerves maybe? Deep hidden worries I never knew existed? Bah, I don't know~ I am avoiding it after all. =P

Speaking about avoiding junk, I'm still in a predicament. ._. My instincts are telling me they can lead the way. They won't ever let me fall. My mind screams the risks. I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't you. Officially in too deep already, I think. >w> Most of the times I think it's the best way to do it. Other times I think it's the worst possible thing. Can I really let you go that easily? Asking around is a dud too. ._. Everyone keeps giving me the generic answer or offers me a semi-solution. I don't wanna since I shouldn't be asking so much of you when I'm not returning it in at least equal value. Gosh darn it. =/

Besides that, I'm just surviving. For some reason, everything feels lonelier. Kinda like a puzzle piece that fitted seamlessly suddenly disappeared. I can't place it, not even now, and I wonder if I ever will. To not have noticed it falling must mean it's irrelevant. Yet to feel the echo of loss every day? Whether it's important or not, I can't say. But I really need to find a replacement or fill up the missing part with something else. It's bothering me now in ways I can never describe. @@

Love is so complex.
Love isn't complex.
People make it complex.