Monday, February 20, 2012

::Rumor Has It::

Rawr, I hate Monday mornings. == Especially when all my awesome dreams seem to happen on this day. T^T Times when I pity the alarm clock I hate. It gets hated when it does wakes me up. It gets hated when it doesn't wake me up. XD I'm certain it's probably talking to some toaster shrink about it's messed up life~ Oh butterscotch, I think I'm high. -.- And what kinda curse is that? xP

Anywho, I'm feeling a little bummed thanks to the dreams. >w< The first dream was about me actually waking up, convincing my Dad to let me skip and went about doing awesomely awesome stuff for a day. ._. I knew it was too good to be true. No way in hell would my Dad be conned that fast. xD The second one was, well, weird to the point where I won't explain. @@ But that's probably cause I can't remember it anymore~ I wish I did. x]

Moving on, I finally have a free weekend. =D Yeah babeh~ I nearly busted out my victory dance when tuition got cancelled. x3 Course, I don't think it'll mean much anyway. Homework is still a pile of junk the size of Mt. Everest. -o- My constant procrastination ain't helping either~ ^^ Then again, when have I ever cared? A little bit of trouble is always welcomed~ Sadly, the teachers are stricter now than before. >.> Challenge Accepted. =3

OhcrapIhaven'tfinishedmyhomeworkyetsoLATER. TT^TT

sure, she's got it all~
but, baby, is that really what you want?~