Sunday, February 19, 2012

::What Makes You Beautiful::

I officially think I've lost the urge to write these days. ._. Maybe I'm just going through a prolonged writer's block? Or maybe I'm becoming a boring person that hates dinosaurs and thinks fudge is terribly drab? >w> No way. xD Dinosaurs kick ass and my munchies addiction will never fade~ Whether that's good or not, I'll tell you later. x] I should fret over meaningless junk like this. Life will be way easier. =P [OkayyeahI'mjustcrappingtopostsomething~]

Anyway, time for a healthy dose of ramblings~ Yay? =D I'm starting to feel the normal routine is getting a little boring. Never did I think I'd get bored this fast. This was supposed to be the exception. >.> Perhaps this is just a fleeting moment. Perhaps I'm just whinging in the middle of the night. xD I'm thinking too much. Or too little. Argh, I wanna worry about my dwindling attention to Chazzy. Not this ridiculous notion. -o- I'm making a vow. I shall not, will not and never will think about this. Unless Bubb brings it up and I feel like talking instead of distracting. ^^

Moving on, I'm proud/aghast to inform you that: I. Officially. Have. Make. Up. =O Yesh, I bought some a while back. Yesh, it burnt a hole in my pocket. Yesh, my brother stared at me like I'm an alien. Yesh, even I thought I was an alien too. Yesh, feel free to gag. XD Well, I only got it since I promised myself I would someday. *high fives seven year old me* Time to experiment like crazeh. >=D Regardless, I still stick to my opinion of pretteh girls being natural and make up free~

Alrighty, I'm off to attempt sleep and find a new Photoshop project if sleep fails. x] God damn it, I really need to get a life outside my lappy or re-discover my undying urge to read books again. >w< With my laziness and two missing leprechauns to lend me awesome books, both possibilities look pretty bleak. .__. Oh well, more time to bum around and sleep in. =D

I love being a hypocrite.
I hate being a hypocrite.
I love Chester Bennington. ^-^

if only you saw what I can see,
you'll understand why I want you so desperately~