Wednesday, March 14, 2012

::Everybody Talks::

Yesh, I've finally pulled out of my holiday mode to blog. :D One week seems so little now that it's almost halfway gone. I wish I had the whole month off. >w< Then again, I'd probably just ask for a whole year off. xD Or a time machine to skip to the past and just stay there. I wonder if that makes me a coward though. >.> Oh well, I know I'm no fearless Hercules to begin with anyway. Raoul is proof of that. x] By the way, this is gonna be a super short vent post since I'm in a weird mood. =I

I wish you would ask what's wrong. I wish you would think something's off about me. I wish you would check on me. I wish you wouldn't make me think of something I forced myself to forget. I wish you wouldn't make me doubt myself. I wish you wouldn't care. I wish I would stop asking so much of you. I wish I could just be content. I wish it wouldn't hurt so much. I wish I would stop wishing since wishing won't get you what you want or even need.

for once, I hate being on a rollercoaster.

The magic I believed in is slowly fading away.