Tuesday, May 1, 2012

::Your Guardian Angel::

Forgive me my dear bloggie for I left you again. ;A; Yet you never lost faith~ I'm so touched. At least someone trusts me. xD Whether it's a wise choice or not, I leave it up to you. ^^ Anyway~ I'm here purely because: a) I'm sick, b) I seek a dastardly reason to procrastinate and c) I ignored my meds and stayed up this long. Nothing unusual really. x3 So here's a super short insight on the last month since I'm too lazeh to type~ YAY. :D

Bubb's and Princess' birthday poofed by and I'm a moldie pancake for not getting them anything. Damn I'm so mean. And not in the cool badass aweshum way. .__. Well, my conscience will do me in later~ As always. x3 Then I got my exam results back. True to my word, I went on a total Tom Felton spree. :] I kept telling myself not to use British words when I spoke at school. xD I somehow managed it. Everything after that is unmet deadlines, neverending homework, tons of overthinking, repeated lectures and the same old painful humdrum. BLEK. I so need to get away. -.-

I think it's miserable that life has turned routine on me. I absolutely wont complain about a lack of time. Time is always there. I just spend time doing gibberish. xD Tis' a skill that many dont have~ Bless their blessed souls. >w< Meh, at least Living Things kept me high for a good week. :] LINKIN PARK ISH THA BEST. Besides that is the annoying ups and downs I shall not tell. Blackmail is dangerous. I should know. I use it often enough. ^-^ God I need sugar. I feel so...lacking. =~= But whatever~ I've run out of words and shall now stare at the ceiling. :3 Fairfarren dear bloggie~

P.S. I thought I'd put a Bucket List wish instead of a lyric or quote since no one reads my junk anyway. x3 YAY ANONYMITY.


#1 Dance the Futterwacken without stumbling.