Sunday, June 3, 2012

::Jet Lag::

For once, I didn't blog during exams. .__. That alone should tell you just how awful it was. In case you didn't get it though, yesh, it was god awful. T-T But whatever. Its over and done with so Imma just delete it off my memory. XD Well, until I have to get my results back. That's not gonna be a good day. >.> Anywho~ Time to update chu on some stuff. :D

Me and Mickey had gone out on a shopping spree yesterday. x3 Of course, shopping is and always will be a pain. Yesterday though was pure bliss. :] We had gone to this funky store called i-Socks. I was overwhelmed when we went into the v-kei outlet. So. Much. Aweshum. Stuff. @@ Course, we went bonkers yet within budget. x] She got her kickass "kakoi kareshii" outfit and I got my cute loli-ish "kawaii kanojo" outfit. Gosh, I cant wait to make people gawk at us in the LRT on Saturday. <3 Plus, hawt butlers galore! Time to swoon and drool for hours. XD

Besides that, I saw every movie I wanted to watch before the first week of holidays even ended. :D Avengers was probably the awesomest movie evah. MIB 3 was so and so yet it was pleasant. Dark Shadows was a little eccentric and often not to my liking. But of course, Johnny Depp made everything amazing. :] I can honestly say that there isn't another actor as brilliant as him to me. ^-^ Plus, I got tons of books from the book fair~ I havent started on any of them yet. >> Maybe its better that way. I probably need a distraction from my results later. xD

Alrighty my dear bloggie, I'm off to get my loli makeup down. Its such a pain. @~@ I really wonder how girls can use this junk. And yesh, I may be a girl but that doesn't mean I understand them. =P Teehee, toodles for now my dear~

i've been keeping busy all the time,
just to try to keep you off my mind~