Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I better do this before I get too lazy then forget all about it eventually. >.> Recap time~ So, we had a post-celebration of my beloved Udang~ :D We took her for lunch to a toilet bowl restaurant, as weird as that is. xD A pity I missed the awesome English tea dessert feast. T^T Not that I regret choosing my uncle over dessert but damn, the pictures are so mouth watering. Someday. Someday I will eat it too. >:D I never realized I was so liked by people I rarely hang out with~ It was a wonderful feeling. C:

After that, I finally had a date out with Bubb. :3 We talked for hours and hours and literally spending the whole day wandering aimlessly~ It felt awesome to just rant and talk to her. Somehow it would seem like its been forever since our last date. :O It is depressing though. That was probably the last chance we'd get to be alone. At least I bought the pretty indigo blue dress. :D Life seems to have fast forwarded. Youneedtotakeabloodyvacation. -.-

Anyway, if it all goes as planned, tomorrow shall be the six hour long lecture about cars and the many ways how not to kill pedestrians. Brilliant. .w.

my mind keeps saying run as fast as you can~

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As promised, a post. YAY. :3 Eh, well, life as a bum is pretty boring so I'm afraid this will be short. According to me Mom, apparently today is a milestone in my life. o.o I have officially signed up for driving. Ugh. Not completely looking forward to it yet not totally hating the idea either. I feel like an utter paradox right now. v.v Regardless, the deed is done and now I await to smash a tiny red car into cones. >:D

Time to scrape at the bottom of the barrel to not end it there. xD Ah yes, I recently saw the remake of Footloose. o3o It has the same effect as the Step Up series on me~ I instantly wanted to learn to dance. :3 Well, I am currently working on the line dance part. Admittedly, if I tried hard enough, I could totally nail it. Such a pity I'm a lazy ass. x3 Now I bid thee adieu~ Beauty sleep is needed to celebrate Udang's birthday tomorrow. :D

cause what you got is gold~

Saturday, January 12, 2013

::Lego House::

Alright, it's high time I get my act together and post something. -.- The end of last year was super hectic. @@ I'll try to recap it all~ Though my memory is still awful. xD Anyway, first off, the last exams of my high school life. It dragged on painfully. I doubt I did well, but that's a story for another day. v.v After that, I was free. Well, kinda. December was fully packed though. >w<

First off, my uncle's wedding. It was an alright affair, I suppose. Not to my taste though. Too grand, too flashy and just outright snobby. Being surrounded by a sea of stangers didn't help either. >.> Especially when the language of their choice is my worst. QAQ Still, I got to bond with a cousin of mine~ She's just so awesome~ *A*

After that, prom. Ugh. Prom. =~= The place was somewhat shoddy. Chairs filled with people I never spoke to. Music blasting at painful volumes. Sadly scarce decoration. But, as always, I still had fun. =P My table was filled with my awesomest friends. I danced like a retard on the dance floor. Plus, my wingman saved me a dance~ ^-^ It was a fairly great night, all in all. =3

Then, to wrap it all up, Comic Fiesta! I was totally looking forward to that~ A pity armies of people turned up though. TT~TT Being squished in crowds and loli heels kinda killed the awesomeness a little. :x But~ It was fun to prance around the mall in blue hair~ *A* Plus, Mickey was there with me. Counting in the wicked awesome stuff I bought, it was definitely not a wasted weekend. =]

So now, I waste away at home like a jobless bum. xD Admittedly, college creeps closer with a chainsaw every day. >w> The real world beckons and I feel like flinging pancakes in its face. :3 Oh well~ There's still time so I'll fret about it later. For now, time for Merlin~ Au revoir bloggie~ I'll update when I can~

and I'll surrender up my heart,
and swap it for yours~