Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As promised, a post. YAY. :3 Eh, well, life as a bum is pretty boring so I'm afraid this will be short. According to me Mom, apparently today is a milestone in my life. o.o I have officially signed up for driving. Ugh. Not completely looking forward to it yet not totally hating the idea either. I feel like an utter paradox right now. v.v Regardless, the deed is done and now I await to smash a tiny red car into cones. >:D

Time to scrape at the bottom of the barrel to not end it there. xD Ah yes, I recently saw the remake of Footloose. o3o It has the same effect as the Step Up series on me~ I instantly wanted to learn to dance. :3 Well, I am currently working on the line dance part. Admittedly, if I tried hard enough, I could totally nail it. Such a pity I'm a lazy ass. x3 Now I bid thee adieu~ Beauty sleep is needed to celebrate Udang's birthday tomorrow. :D

cause what you got is gold~