Saturday, January 12, 2013

::Lego House::

Alright, it's high time I get my act together and post something. -.- The end of last year was super hectic. @@ I'll try to recap it all~ Though my memory is still awful. xD Anyway, first off, the last exams of my high school life. It dragged on painfully. I doubt I did well, but that's a story for another day. v.v After that, I was free. Well, kinda. December was fully packed though. >w<

First off, my uncle's wedding. It was an alright affair, I suppose. Not to my taste though. Too grand, too flashy and just outright snobby. Being surrounded by a sea of stangers didn't help either. >.> Especially when the language of their choice is my worst. QAQ Still, I got to bond with a cousin of mine~ She's just so awesome~ *A*

After that, prom. Ugh. Prom. =~= The place was somewhat shoddy. Chairs filled with people I never spoke to. Music blasting at painful volumes. Sadly scarce decoration. But, as always, I still had fun. =P My table was filled with my awesomest friends. I danced like a retard on the dance floor. Plus, my wingman saved me a dance~ ^-^ It was a fairly great night, all in all. =3

Then, to wrap it all up, Comic Fiesta! I was totally looking forward to that~ A pity armies of people turned up though. TT~TT Being squished in crowds and loli heels kinda killed the awesomeness a little. :x But~ It was fun to prance around the mall in blue hair~ *A* Plus, Mickey was there with me. Counting in the wicked awesome stuff I bought, it was definitely not a wasted weekend. =]

So now, I waste away at home like a jobless bum. xD Admittedly, college creeps closer with a chainsaw every day. >w> The real world beckons and I feel like flinging pancakes in its face. :3 Oh well~ There's still time so I'll fret about it later. For now, time for Merlin~ Au revoir bloggie~ I'll update when I can~

and I'll surrender up my heart,
and swap it for yours~