Thursday, May 23, 2013


So, this is what it means to be busy. @u@ I've been meaning to update you bloggie but laziness and genuinely being occupied takes my time away. .w. I'm only here since someone - yesBubbImeantyou- keeps checking~ Now: major recap. :D Well, in February, the only thing worth remembering is my mother's birthday. ♥ My bro and I took her out to a German bar-cum-restaurant and bought her dinner. She cried when we surprised her with flowers. C':

It seems birthdays are all I remember. March was Loshini's birthday~ Hell, was that fun. xD We unsuspectingly dragged her to Bubba Gump and died of laughter when it was Cake Time. Not only did the staff sing a 'Booty Shake' song, she was dragged onto a chair and gave the lousiest speech ever. I still love you though, Lohsehneh~ ♥ Plus, that was my first ice cream cake. It was awesome but I've not been missing out on much. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

This month was a whirlwind of nonsensical nonsense. First, the neat little box called 'Future Plans' died in a Mythbuster-esque explosion. Now I'm lost, mildly confused and still not panicking. I fear the day I finally do. Also, I semi-failed my driving test. Nerves got the best of me and I botched the part I'm supposed to kick ass at. .w. At least I passed the second part. ^-^ Throw in a two-day-promoter-job and dozens of outings equals to my current life. xD 

I can feel it though. My days of nothing are dwindling and my rotting brain needs to function once more soon. Days with friends will be far and in between, if at all, and I'll officially have to grow up. It's an annoyingly terrifying notion. (−_−;)But I'll cross that bridge when the ground behind me has finally burned up in flames. For now, viva le laziness. \OwO/

something about the way you move,
makes me feel like I can't live without you. ♥

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I better do this before I get too lazy then forget all about it eventually. >.> Recap time~ So, we had a post-celebration of my beloved Udang~ :D We took her for lunch to a toilet bowl restaurant, as weird as that is. xD A pity I missed the awesome English tea dessert feast. T^T Not that I regret choosing my uncle over dessert but damn, the pictures are so mouth watering. Someday. Someday I will eat it too. >:D I never realized I was so liked by people I rarely hang out with~ It was a wonderful feeling. C:

After that, I finally had a date out with Bubb. :3 We talked for hours and hours and literally spending the whole day wandering aimlessly~ It felt awesome to just rant and talk to her. Somehow it would seem like its been forever since our last date. :O It is depressing though. That was probably the last chance we'd get to be alone. At least I bought the pretty indigo blue dress. :D Life seems to have fast forwarded. Youneedtotakeabloodyvacation. -.-

Anyway, if it all goes as planned, tomorrow shall be the six hour long lecture about cars and the many ways how not to kill pedestrians. Brilliant. .w.

my mind keeps saying run as fast as you can~

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As promised, a post. YAY. :3 Eh, well, life as a bum is pretty boring so I'm afraid this will be short. According to me Mom, apparently today is a milestone in my life. o.o I have officially signed up for driving. Ugh. Not completely looking forward to it yet not totally hating the idea either. I feel like an utter paradox right now. v.v Regardless, the deed is done and now I await to smash a tiny red car into cones. >:D

Time to scrape at the bottom of the barrel to not end it there. xD Ah yes, I recently saw the remake of Footloose. o3o It has the same effect as the Step Up series on me~ I instantly wanted to learn to dance. :3 Well, I am currently working on the line dance part. Admittedly, if I tried hard enough, I could totally nail it. Such a pity I'm a lazy ass. x3 Now I bid thee adieu~ Beauty sleep is needed to celebrate Udang's birthday tomorrow. :D

cause what you got is gold~

Saturday, January 12, 2013

::Lego House::

Alright, it's high time I get my act together and post something. -.- The end of last year was super hectic. @@ I'll try to recap it all~ Though my memory is still awful. xD Anyway, first off, the last exams of my high school life. It dragged on painfully. I doubt I did well, but that's a story for another day. v.v After that, I was free. Well, kinda. December was fully packed though. >w<

First off, my uncle's wedding. It was an alright affair, I suppose. Not to my taste though. Too grand, too flashy and just outright snobby. Being surrounded by a sea of stangers didn't help either. >.> Especially when the language of their choice is my worst. QAQ Still, I got to bond with a cousin of mine~ She's just so awesome~ *A*

After that, prom. Ugh. Prom. =~= The place was somewhat shoddy. Chairs filled with people I never spoke to. Music blasting at painful volumes. Sadly scarce decoration. But, as always, I still had fun. =P My table was filled with my awesomest friends. I danced like a retard on the dance floor. Plus, my wingman saved me a dance~ ^-^ It was a fairly great night, all in all. =3

Then, to wrap it all up, Comic Fiesta! I was totally looking forward to that~ A pity armies of people turned up though. TT~TT Being squished in crowds and loli heels kinda killed the awesomeness a little. :x But~ It was fun to prance around the mall in blue hair~ *A* Plus, Mickey was there with me. Counting in the wicked awesome stuff I bought, it was definitely not a wasted weekend. =]

So now, I waste away at home like a jobless bum. xD Admittedly, college creeps closer with a chainsaw every day. >w> The real world beckons and I feel like flinging pancakes in its face. :3 Oh well~ There's still time so I'll fret about it later. For now, time for Merlin~ Au revoir bloggie~ I'll update when I can~

and I'll surrender up my heart,
and swap it for yours~

Saturday, September 22, 2012

::I'm Awful::

 So, I was just browsing through Tumblr whichishighlyaddictive last night. Then I saw something about blogs. Then I remembered I actually have a blog. Then I couldn't remember my last post. Then I couldn't remember how bloggie looked like. Then my face went O_O when I saw the date of my last post. So. Yeah. I'm an awful person. I totally ditched you. TT^TT Smite me oh mighty smiter for this act of utter treason. I deserve nothing less. Especially when all I'm gonna post is just this. ;; A ;; My words fail me as always and I have nothing to say. I'll just go crawl back into my dark emo corner and feel complete guilt at my woeful abandonment towards thee. T_T


Sunday, June 3, 2012

::Jet Lag::

For once, I didn't blog during exams. .__. That alone should tell you just how awful it was. In case you didn't get it though, yesh, it was god awful. T-T But whatever. Its over and done with so Imma just delete it off my memory. XD Well, until I have to get my results back. That's not gonna be a good day. >.> Anywho~ Time to update chu on some stuff. :D

Me and Mickey had gone out on a shopping spree yesterday. x3 Of course, shopping is and always will be a pain. Yesterday though was pure bliss. :] We had gone to this funky store called i-Socks. I was overwhelmed when we went into the v-kei outlet. So. Much. Aweshum. Stuff. @@ Course, we went bonkers yet within budget. x] She got her kickass "kakoi kareshii" outfit and I got my cute loli-ish "kawaii kanojo" outfit. Gosh, I cant wait to make people gawk at us in the LRT on Saturday. <3 Plus, hawt butlers galore! Time to swoon and drool for hours. XD

Besides that, I saw every movie I wanted to watch before the first week of holidays even ended. :D Avengers was probably the awesomest movie evah. MIB 3 was so and so yet it was pleasant. Dark Shadows was a little eccentric and often not to my liking. But of course, Johnny Depp made everything amazing. :] I can honestly say that there isn't another actor as brilliant as him to me. ^-^ Plus, I got tons of books from the book fair~ I havent started on any of them yet. >> Maybe its better that way. I probably need a distraction from my results later. xD

Alrighty my dear bloggie, I'm off to get my loli makeup down. Its such a pain. @~@ I really wonder how girls can use this junk. And yesh, I may be a girl but that doesn't mean I understand them. =P Teehee, toodles for now my dear~

i've been keeping busy all the time,
just to try to keep you off my mind~

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

::Your Guardian Angel::

Forgive me my dear bloggie for I left you again. ;A; Yet you never lost faith~ I'm so touched. At least someone trusts me. xD Whether it's a wise choice or not, I leave it up to you. ^^ Anyway~ I'm here purely because: a) I'm sick, b) I seek a dastardly reason to procrastinate and c) I ignored my meds and stayed up this long. Nothing unusual really. x3 So here's a super short insight on the last month since I'm too lazeh to type~ YAY. :D

Bubb's and Princess' birthday poofed by and I'm a moldie pancake for not getting them anything. Damn I'm so mean. And not in the cool badass aweshum way. .__. Well, my conscience will do me in later~ As always. x3 Then I got my exam results back. True to my word, I went on a total Tom Felton spree. :] I kept telling myself not to use British words when I spoke at school. xD I somehow managed it. Everything after that is unmet deadlines, neverending homework, tons of overthinking, repeated lectures and the same old painful humdrum. BLEK. I so need to get away. -.-

I think it's miserable that life has turned routine on me. I absolutely wont complain about a lack of time. Time is always there. I just spend time doing gibberish. xD Tis' a skill that many dont have~ Bless their blessed souls. >w< Meh, at least Living Things kept me high for a good week. :] LINKIN PARK ISH THA BEST. Besides that is the annoying ups and downs I shall not tell. Blackmail is dangerous. I should know. I use it often enough. ^-^ God I need sugar. I feel so...lacking. =~= But whatever~ I've run out of words and shall now stare at the ceiling. :3 Fairfarren dear bloggie~

P.S. I thought I'd put a Bucket List wish instead of a lyric or quote since no one reads my junk anyway. x3 YAY ANONYMITY.


#1 Dance the Futterwacken without stumbling.